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New Interface of Search Console

Recently Google has released the beta version of their Search Console for preview. However, looking at the search console there were lot features which were in the existing system were missing.

One of the advantages is, it has introduced a new feature which is data reporting up to 16 months. Where current default reporting feature is up to 90 days (3 months) only. Well, we have to wait and see whether existing Search Console features will be available soon.

Below is a screenshot of the new Search Console.

How to vote for Bigg Boss Tamil India?

Bigg Boss Tamil reality tv show in Vijay TV is currently a hit among the Tamil fans. Mostly when it comes to voting, only within India is possible via Google or calling a phone number.

However, for international fans, there is a way you can vote your favorite person via Google.

Simply visiting following URL of Google you can vote your favorite person.

A day you will have 50 votes and you can share the votes with more than one person if you like. Once you have selected your desired votes you have to submit the votes to complete your voting.

To do the voting, you should have a Google/Gmail account.

Good luck!

Joomla Wrapper Youtube Allowfullscreen

Using Joomla Wrapper to embed Youtube videos are merely easy. However, when it comes adding additional attributes like allowing full screen means you might have to code into the core of wrapper component code or maybe add additional Javascript code.

This simple code will allow setting additional attributes to the existing iframe.

Below is the code I have used and it is with the Google TagManager.

  iframe = document.getElementById("blockrandom");  
  iframe.setAttribute('allowFullScreen', '');  

Please replace your iframe id (e.g.blockrandom).

# JFolder::create: Could not create directory

Well if this error occurs under your 'JoomArt Extensions Manager', please try to find the solution following this link .

If this link doesn't give you the solution, please try to click the configurations link to check configurations under 'JoomArt Extensions Manager'.

Normally it might prompt with an error message, if so please check the value for 'Local Repository Path' and if the folder doesn't exist create it with permission, in my case the folder name is 'jaextmanager_data'.

I hope this solution works for you :)

Error with CRM Installation

If you receive this type of error message while you are installing Vtiger CRM.

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Type=InnoDB' at line 7Error: Tables partially created. Table creation failed.

Please follow the instructions.

Go to schema folder and open DatabaseSchema.xml and remove the following codes 'Type=InnoDB' .

And try to re-install the installation again.

Cheers and hope it works!

T.H.E.M - Tottaly Hidden Extreme Magic

I am fan of Cyril long after watching his videos on YouTube. They were Japanese made, however you were able to understand and impress by Cyril magic tricks and wonders.

Recently I saw some episodes of Cyril: Simply Magic which are been broadcasted on AXN.

After checking on YouTube and found out that Cyril were part of other magic shows too. One of them is T.H.E.M. After watching I am impressed. I thought better share it on my blog too.

Error 0xc0204016: DTS.Pipeline - SQL Server

It was just another week back. I've been asked to transfer data from SQL server to MS Access and Excel. It is been little longer time that I have used SQL Server. So I thought it as a challenge! I know there were tools to do the needful. However, the best tool was Data Transformation Services (DTS) which came with SQL Server 2000 in the old days. Now it is more improved and it bundles with SQL Server 2005 and the tool named SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS).

Now for SQL Server 2005 Express edition you have to download this and install it separately.

Download the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Toolkit (223.9 MB)

And later you can run it

Run "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Binn\DTSWizard.exe"

I thought work is going to be easy until I found the error messages I have received. I searched through the Net to find the solution. There were, however they were not simple as I thought.

Some were explaining to change the destination source file, such as to change the table column to memo. It is little confusing, since the tables are yet to be created.

I tried few SQL scripts too and nothing went well.

The reason this error message prompted was that one of the column field size is more than accepted at the destination file (in my case it is MS Access).

After reading this article ( only I have realised that I did not try to change the source file column data type as required. By changing the particular table column data type longtext(8000) to varchar(max) allowed me to transfer the SQL server data to MS Access.

It was not easy. However I was able to end it.