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Coldfusion to

Well one of the stupid things I did? I don't know... I am recently moved to with C#. Kind of intresting too... But you should have a good idea how works far from the general server-side scripting languages. Other wise you are totally out of the box. As I have been with ColdFusion more than 4 years and even I have been used Asp. But for me still ColdFusion is one of the cool server-side scripting language ever I have used.

Lack of is, you can't get a good documentation from Microsoft. To learn through MSDN, you should be a geek to use it. Other wise if we had a good documentation on the .Net Framework with set of good examples it will be easy to use.

Mean time .Net Framework huge and you can do what ever with the same language you are using at But at ColdFusion if you like to do more advance stuff you should be able to know Java/C++.

I miss you ColdFusion!

Google at Microsoft!!

Yeah. It was me who was at Microsoft wearing Google T-shirt. I desperately love Google. May be I am representing Google in Sri Lanka. Hehe.

But I had some slice cut from MS people. Hey how did they let you come in to Microsoft office. LOL!! This Pic is took at Microsoft Sri Lanka while attending a community meeting at Microsoft.

So Google at Microsoft, right?