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No more McDonald's in Iceland?

As recession grows, most of the big companies shutting down and now it is McDonald in Iceland. This Saturday 31 Oct 2009 McDonald Iceland will be doing its last sale and shutting down it is operation from Iceland.

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Iphone Hits China

Iphone launched it self in to the worlds' biggest market China today. However, original Iphone packs with less applications and no Wi-Fi (According to government regulations) in China.

In addition, original Iphone sells for more than 700US$ or 1000US$ which is sold by China's Telecom Unicorn. Where market viewers’ looks at this price as high for a average buyer.

Anyhow, still you can get an Iphone for lesser price from various Chinese markets, where it bundles with Wi-Fi and more applications!

Iphone is there since year 2007 and it is been sold more than 2 million already and they were illegally imported from US, Hong Kong and other countries.

What ever we say I personally love Iphone and it Rocks.

Wish Good Luck to Iphone!

Internationalized Domain Names in your own Native Language

As I heard, in the current ongoing ICANN conference in Seoul, Korea, ICANN came to a decision on accepting on Internationalized Domain Names on none Latin Characters. This means that a domain name can be in Chinese, Hindi or any other specific languages. This technology to be launched on 16 November 2009 by ICANN.

However, as I wonder if I get name card from a person and the website refers in there own language, how do I type?

More about this announcement by ICANN and

In addition, I found this site, it is regarding a software and allows you type domain names in your own language.

Video regarding IDN announcement

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama Able to Sing

There is an audio played in a Japanese radio station recently which is a song sung by Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama in his young age. It is been ripped from one of his old music album named "Take Heart Tobitate Heiwa No Hato To". You can buy the album at

Anyhow, only a few weeks away, visit of USA president Obama to Japan. Well hope Prime Minister and President will do a good duet on stage.

Unable to login Typo3 admin after migration

Recently I had a chance to work with Typo3. Typo3 a CMS, which is similar to other Open Source CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, Word Press etc...

When you are comparing with other CMS types, there are pros and cons always there for any type of products. For me Typo3 looks more advance and complicated comparing to other CMS types.

Recently I was been migrating Typo3 from Live server to Dev server, after migrating Typo3, it worked fine without any errors. Only issue I had was, unable to log in to Typo3 admin section. After a long struggle, I found a solution, which posted on a website.

However, the solution given over there was not compatible with the current version of MYSQL I had, which is you have to replace the current variable in my.ini file as "sql_mode=MYSQL40", where I was unable to find "SQL_MODE" instead able to find "SQL-MODE".

The particular line for "sql-mode" was stated as "# Set the SQL mode to strict
sql-mode="STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION"". In addition, I did not add the sql-mode="MYSQL40" than I have commented existing line

Yes, it worked like charming and now I am able to log in to Typo3 admin without any problems.

I hope it helped some one else also with the similar issue. Good Luck. :)