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Galle Career Guidance Fair 2007

sivJBeen at Galle Career Guidance Fair on 9th of June 2007. It is jointly organised by Microsoft Sri Lanka, DMj(JCI), AMCHAM and USAID.

The event was successful and visitors were up to 1000 or more.

And had a time to go around Galle Fort! The journey was excellent!

Here are some photos took at the event.

Me , JC Zulfer, JC Harris giving out the Career Magazine to people.

JCI team participated in Galle Career Guidance Fair

Giving out the career guidance magazine!

Photo click at Galle Town Hal on event end time.
People from left to right are Shiela from USAID,
JC Zulfer(DMJ President), Sriyan from Microsoft Sri Lanka (Country Manager),
Janet From USAID, JC Gazzaly from DMJ and atlast alone person from AMCHAM it is Ransin did great job.

People who participated in the seminar in Galle.

JC Niroshan De Silva doing seminar
RAnsi and Janaki k having chat with JCI Sri Lanka.
Janaki K (Community Manager Microsoft Sri Lanka) and other microsoft volunteers handling registration.

Some of the volunteers consulting to the participants at Galle Career Fair Guidance.

Naleen from USAID

Janet and Naleen from USAID
Shelia from USAID consulting with the a participant.

JC Zulfer serving out the breakfast.

Construction before the exhibition start!

Participants waiting for registration at Galle Town Hall

Participant exploring out stalls at Galle Career Guidance fair town hall
People are registering there self!

Career Guidance Fair banner hanged at Galle Town Hall Gate.

Having lunch at Indian Hut. A good place for meals at Galle.
We had a good lunch and dinner at this place.