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Endhiran a phenomenon

Date: 2 OCT 2010.

Long awaited director Shankar's & super star Rajni Kanth's movie Endhiran previewed from 30th of September 2010 world wide! It is a rush.. In Sri Lanka premier ticket shows were been sold at higher prices than ever. I am a super star fan since my childhood and I love shankar's movies. I am so enthusiast about watching the movie at first as a premier show. Somehow, I was able to secure the tickets for 9.30pm show on 30th September 2010. I am not a guy who visits theater often and staying on que to watch a movie. Most of the time invited for premier tickets. Last time was Aadhavan and that is last year.

I read some review on websites before going to the movie. They were damn good. . Even though the ticket price were high, the premier shows were packed all over.

Well about the movie. The storyline is, Vasigaran the scientist (Super star) invents a Robo (Chitti) spending last 10 years which is going to be dedicated to the army to use it in the battle. As a hardwork of 10 years he sends Chitti in a real environment to test its ability and accordingly correct/upgrade/fix it.

However, Professor/Guru of Vasigaran dislikes his own student's invention as a result he disapproves the Robo as a useless machine. Since Chitti doesn't have any feelings and can't distinguish between the commands given. Even few of the events disapproves it is a useless machine.

As a result Vasi plans to fix the problem by adding feelings to Chitti and teaching him about them. However, Chitti who with the feelings now falls in love with Sana (Aishwarya Rai) who is Vasi's girlfriend. Thereafter whether Chitti able to continue his feelings of love with Sana or not is the storyline.

First part of the movie is hilarious and thrilling. As the time pasts it is more thrilling and action packed.

It is just a brief overview of the Endhiran movie by myself. :D