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Browser war is continuing

Browser war is continuing

Recently I came across a problem. Testing through browsers, every web designers does this if they know the problems of the Internet browsers have.

When I started my web designing career it was year 2000, big browser markets were IE and Netscape. So what ever I do in IE won't be good looking at Netscape. The time I was testing for browser compatible it was frustrating. You will waste your entire day for this alone.

And this is still continuing. Why is it? Because like most of the browser companies doesn't adopt the real standards. Actually every one knows for web standards W3C is the main organisation to identify potential standards and releasing to public. So any body can adopt it and can implement this in there products.

But what really happens is most of the browser companies who dominate the browser industry tries hop with there own standard or don't follow the real standards at all.

This problem is continuing for ages for now. It is a web designer headache.

Like few weeks back I have finished a site tested on IE6 and FireFox latest. So later when it was tested on new IE7, ok seems to me you have to do some tweak for that new browser type too. Almost some of the CSS stuff didn't work. Later only I have found that they have tried to adopt the real standards! So most of the time we web designer does is some hacks to work on both browsers. Again you have to do the same thing for newest IE7.

Since I am not that much CSS geek, due to that I never gone through lot of problems with CSS. In my every site will try to minimize the CSS workarounds, so you don't get too much problems.

Recently I found something call conditional comments, IE have introduced this IE5/IE5.5 release. This functionality was very useful to minimize the CSS problems between browsers.

Anyhow I am short of time will write more on CSS in the near future. I am sleepy!

Good Luck.