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LOTS 2008 JCI Sri Lanka

It was a wonderful event on this year with lot of good speakers from JCI. We enjoyed and learnt lot from LOTS 2008.

LOTS 2008 been happened at Renuka hotel on first of March 2008 as a day event.

The event been packed with speakers from JCI Sri Lanka such as JCI Senator Ananda Chittambalam, JCI Senator Ananda Kasthurachchi and JCI Senator Prasantha Lal De Alwis.

Event been started with lighting the oil lamp and followed by JCI Senator and National President JCI Sri Lanka 2008 Niroshan De Silva, Deputy National President JC Bimal, JC Senator Ananda Chittambalam and the Lots Project chairman JC Gerard.

It was so inspiring to listen to the first speaker JC Senator Ananda Chittambalam he did a speech on meeting procedure, protocols and parliamentary procedure. He also gave some tips to JC's how to be a good speaker. This includes a speech should have an intro, subject and finishing. It was a wonderful session on that day.

Later the first session we had a tea break.

The second session been started on the topic of Constitution. The session speaker was Ananda Kasthuriachchi, since he was little late to the session, the session was assigned to JCI Sri Lanka 2008 legal counselor Shian.

Later arrival of JC Ananda Kasthuriachchi event continued with the topic of constitution of JCI Sri Lanka.

After the session of constitution, JC's been invited have there lunch. We had a good Sri Lankan menu on that day by Renuka Hotel.

During the lunch, I had a chat with Kollupitiya president and Wellawatte president.

After the lunch, we had a session with JCI senator Prasantha Lal De Alwis who is a lawyer and one of Sampath Bank Sri lanka board director. He is a good trainer and speaker of JCI Sri Lanka. He covered the topic of roles of JCI local officers.

This session was very useful, since I am being a secretary to my chapter. It taught me lot of things.

We had some more sessions and the event ended after giving the certification to the participants.

To this event, I played a little role as a project secretary and it taught me something to my career too.

A wonderful job done by JC Gerard Wickrema who been the Project Chairman of LOT 2008.

Some photos of the event.

JCI Senator Prasantha Lal De Alwis doing a session on Roles of Local Officers

JC Shian doing a session on constitution